Why, hello there!
I'm Carolyn, the creator and maker of all things Wilo Tree Press. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Tyler School of Art and I'm inspired by work that is colorful, whimsical and makes me smile! I'm also all about home decor and interior designs so I like to create things that I would want to hang in my own home (and sometimes I do!). When I'm not creating you can find me drinking tea with honey and tickling my dog's feet. 

Some other things about me...

* I am a devoted dog mama to the cutest Westie in the world named Windsor.
* I have a husband who is really funny and clever and blogs about crazy junk food - you can find his site in "My Blog List" to the right----> (just look for the little storm trooper guy).
* I can eat a whole gallon of ice cream in one sitting - I'm a classic chocolate chip kinda girl.
* I love to run.
* My favorite books/films are usually science fiction or fantasy. I like to read about and escape into worlds that are totally different from my own.
* I'm really grateful to be able to share my work with you!

Windsor, Winds, Windsy, Windsor Bean, Winzles, Fuzzy-little-sausage-link

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