Sunday, September 29, 2013

Busy weekend all around!

I'm happy to say, blog buddy, that I had a super fun and productive weekend. First and foremost, I got to accomplish one of my life long ambitions! When we were twelve, my cousin and I signed a pact on a piece of loose leaf that one day we'd go to Disney together. Twenty years later here we are in Epcot!! 

I also got to see a really cool cranberry bog and eat the biggest cookie I have EVER eaten.


Then today I got right down to business with some new ideas for hoop art and also more magnets. Here's a sneak peek at some new items that are on their way to the shop real soon...

Monday, September 23, 2013

Must-have Mondays: Jennifer Davis

This week I decided to showcase the work of artist Jennifer Davis.  It's truly a "must-have" Monday selection because I feel that I MUST HAVE THEM ALL! Seriously, I love her work. I think the colors she chooses are beautiful! And overall I get the sense that she just has a lot of fun with her work. Take a look...

art print- limited edition - Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant

limited edition art print - Bike Ride
Bike Ride

Kitty - Original Art Painting

orignal found object painting / sculpture - Turtle

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Down Memory Lane

Morean Arts Center
In 2003 I moved down to Florida for two things: to be closer to my "now" husband and to start a job as a summer camp assistant director. I worked at a little community arts center right in the heart of downtown Saint Petersburg. At the time it was called simply "the Arts Center." And man did I love that job. This weekend I went back for a visit. It's kinda funny how that place feels like a second home to me even though I haven't worked there in years!  Also got to check out a sweet exhibit by artist Jono Vaughan...

Traveled into the gift shop and was so excited to see all of my hoop art buddies and butterflies showcased here and there - so cool!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wilo Tree Wednesday - What's New!

I live in Florida, which means it won't start to feel like Fall until January. But, I'm still getting in the mood for the Fall season! Check out the new magnets up in the shop - great for adding a little Halloween flavor to your fridge!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Must-have Monday: Corals, Pinks and Greys

Hey blog buddy, are you feeling the Monday blues? Well, hopefully this will cheer you up! My "Must-Have Monday" picks for this week showcase some really great items in corals, pinks and greys!

Four buildings of felt, with a tree. Miniature. Decoration.
Shop: Intres

Mixed Media Collage Print, Colorful Pastel Butterfly Art, Nature Girl, Altered Antique Portrait, frighten
Shop: Frighten

Vintage Inspired Marquee Light- Letter K

Sol Card
Shop: essimar

Shop: unitedthread

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Tribute to Dad

Before I jump back into the blogging world and start writing to you, blog buddy, about my woes of social networking and my adventures in Etsy Land, I thought I should take a moment and pay tribute to my dad who passed away a few weeks ago. He was the definition of a good man, completely irreplaceable and one of a kind. He will always be missed. This one's for you dad....

My dad was not like other dads.

When other families went to the Jersey Shore for the summer, we were on the battlefields of Gettysburg learning about the history of the Civil War.

He played with us when we were kids and played with us like a kid.

He was a musician and passed on his love for music. I can remember being very young and in the back seat of our car.  Anytime Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" would come on the radio he would poke our knees, turn up the volume and sing in full-on falsetto, "Ghalileo,Ghalileo, let me go!!!"

He got me into the Lord of the Rings before it was "cool" and before they were movies and used to drop notes into my lunch and sign them not “Gandalf” but “Dadalf."

But most importantly, my dad always put others before himself.
He would do anything that you asked of him.
He would do anything that you asked of him and without hesitation.
He jumped at the opportunity to make others happy and at all times. 
He would do anything you asked, even if he didn’t really want or like to do it.
 He would do anything that you asked, even if he was having a hard day.  
He would do anything that you asked, even if you didn’t deserve it.  
During one of my teenage moments, I had a tantrum when we got back home from McDonald's and I realized that they had forgotten to include the sauce for my nuggets. My dad went directly back in the car, drove to that same McDonalds and got me the sauce that I wanted. That’s the kind of dad I had. 

And he would do anything you asked even when he wasn’t feeling so good, which was quite often in the past few months.

Ya know, my dad was always talking about the Powerball lottery and liked to tell me that you had to be “in it, to win it.” He talked about how he wanted one of us to win the jackpot. He would daydream about what he would do with the money and asked what we would do with our winnings.
 But what he never realized, is that by having him as our dad, we had already won the jackpot. 

Love you, Dad.